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What is family health care?

A brief overview...
  • Family health care allows one to cover all his dependents using a single policy
  • Family health care is not to be confused with family-centred health care, which is collaboration between health care providers and families geared towards the achievement of optimal health
  • The premium and the deductible are critical factors of a health insurance plan; think about them before you purchase one
  • Some family health care plans restrict policyholders to specific health facilities
  • Family health care plans differ in content. Shoppers are advised to shop around before settling on a specific plan
  • Some policies might look cheap on paper but are filled with contradictory clauses, and you may end up getting nothing upon filing a claim

Whether you are a household of one person or a family of five, it is imperative that you find an insurance cover that is appropriate for you and your dependents. The process of selecting the right health insurance for your family is not an easy one, but you have to do things the right way by finding a coverage that suits your lifestyle. There are numerous health care products for your family out there, but today we are going to focus on family health care. So, what is family health care?

Under a family health cover, you can protect each and every member of your family against multiple health conditions. A fixed sum of cash is set aside in case any or all family members become ill, and it’s only available during the tenure of the policy.

Getting health insurance within the medical outlay of your family is the best way to combat the skyrocketing health care expenses. Should you or any of your dependents fall ill, health insurance makes sure that you get a reimbursement of the medical expenses.

Alternatively, you and your dependents get to obtain cashless treatment in medical facilities. This is a contract between you and your health insurance provider but the medical condition has to be covered in your policy.

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Family Health Care vs. Family-Centred Health Care


Family-centred health care is described as a joint effort between health care providers and families towards the making health-related decisions. Family-centred healthcare has been acknowledged as an integral part of health care provision vis-à-vis health care quality, satisfaction, and patient health.

The program has been recognized by Healthy People 2020, the Institute of Medicine, federal and state legislative bodies, health care systems, and several medical societies in the country.

In family health care, you’ll find terms such as collaboration, partnership, and experts, all denoting the consensus definition of care delivery as outlined in the principles of family-centered health care.

The Benchmark of Paediatric Care


When it comes to the health of children, hospitals, and other healthcare groups recommend Family-centred health care. It has consistently been promoted as the standard of your child’s medical needs owing to its approach to children who require special care.

Note that the two terms, family health care, and family-centred health care are two terms with different meanings in the context of healthcare and should not be used interchangeably.

Things you Need to Know Before Purchasing a Plan


Healthcare policies will differ in quality. You are supposed to shop around before you decide to buy a particular plan. The only way to get the best policy is to compare several plans side by side. From 2017, is going to introduce star ratings to show the quality ratings of family health policies by different carriers. Have the following three facts at the back of your mind when shopping for a healthcare plan.

Some plans have a network of healthcare providers policyholders will have access to. These types of plans will limit you; you can’t just visit any facility and get health care services with them. Other plans allow policyholders access to any facility or health care provider.

Think about the deductible and the monthly premium before you purchase coverage. You’ll have to pay the premium on a monthly basis even, or your policy will be voided.

If you need medical care, you will be required to pay a deductible, an out of pocket expense spelled out in the contract. You can choose to increase or decrease the deductible which will, in turn, reduce or increase the monthly premium.

There different categories of health insurance policies. These categories are gold, silver, platinum and bronze. The plans have nothing to do with the quality of health care. They are just an indication of how you and your plan share the costs.

How to Make Sure that you Get the Best Family Health Insurance Deal

In the business of family health insurance, you cannot get complacent. Plan costs fluctuate on an annual basis and you can easily switch to a cheaper equally good plan that’s is why people are advised to keep checking and making comparisons. Save a few bucks!

Compare Quotes

Log on to an insurance site and get yourself a good quote. Finding cheaper rates through an insurance comparison site is possible. Spare a few minutes of your time and make significant savings on your family health insurance cover.

Consult an Insurance Broker

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Once you find a good quote, talk to an insurance broker to see if you can get a better quote. Brokers typically offer a bit more expensive quotes, but you never know since it’s not always the case. If you know one personally, don’t be afraid to ask a favor. Brokers are known to have connections with insurance providers and might help you secure a good deal.

Look for Insurers who are Not Listed by Comparison Sites


Some insurers do not appear on comparison sites because they deal with their clients directly. Talk to them and compare their figure with the numbers you have from a comparison site and the broker. You can even make some sort of a shortlist a settle for one after making the necessary considerations.

There are numerous insurance companies out there, all offering different types of family health care plans. However, these plans are unique and come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The biggest challenge here is to get the best coverage for the entire family, but through comparison of multiple quotes, you can come pretty close.

You may purchase an expensive plan only to find that it was filled with features you did not need and probably never going to use. On the other hand, you may decide to settle for a plan because it seems pocket-friendly only to realize it’s full of contradictory clauses and basically useless when it’s too late.

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