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What if your employer health insurance is too expensive?

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  • You have the power to opt out of insurance through your employer
  • You have options for health insurance coverage if you choose to withdraw from your workplace’s policy
  • You are the one with the power to choose what insurance best covers you as well as your pocketbook

Employees are given the freedom to opt out of health insurance provided through their jobs. The only exceptions to the 100 percent rule are if you have already agreed to be a part of the policy or the union you are a member of which makes it mandatory.

The reasons you may want to research and purchase private insurance for you and your family may vary.

Smaller businesses may have higher premiums that you are responsible for because of the size of the pool of those insured. When healthy employees choose another path to health insurance, employees with serious illnesses may see their premiums, co-pays, and fees increase.

Workplace health insurance policies cover premiums most of the time. However, many employers do not, or only cover their required 60 percent.

Always know the details of a job-related insurance plan so that you are aware of what they expect from you in premiums and copays compared to private insurance. Work-based insurance may also be a poor deal compared to researching and finding a policy that is both affordable and fits your needs.

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The ACA Employer Mandate


The Affordable Care Act mandated that employers pay 60 percent of insurance offered to full-time, standard employees. However, if you find even with the portion paid, your co-pays and deductibles are still out of your price range, you have options.

The same rules apply if you have a family. Many employers offer family benefits but at a higher rate that is regularly too expensive for an average household. Finding a cheaper option may be your best path if you cannot cover everyone without going broke in the process.

Other Options to Research


The Marketplace is the first option that comes to a lot of people’s minds when they’re shopping for health insurance. However, The Affordable Care Act mandates that if you are switching directly from group insurance to a Marketplace plan, you may not qualify for any premium tax credits or other subsidies.

By using an agent or relying on fact-based research, you are ensuring the best way to cover you and your family with affordable health insurance. The process may consist of garnering quotes, comparing premiums, and asking yourself if it better fits your budget and lifestyle than what your place of employment provides.

Marketplace coverage varieson a state-by-state basis. Keep the fact in mind when researching or applying for health insurance coverage based on The Affordable Care Act.

Another perk of The Marketplace is that if your children are of a certain age, they may qualify for the CHIP program, a health insurance plan built around the needs of children.

You also have the option of private insurance. In person, meetings with agents are often preferred if you are comparing costs from every option and angle. However, you can compare prices online, by telephone, and even by mail.

Making the Right Decision

Price is not the only factor when shopping for health insurance policies. Whether it is merely for you or your entire family, you also should keep in mind that more than money is important when searching for health coverage. Personal and family health needs are the primary focus.

The cheapest health insurance plan you find may not cover your needs. Keep additioanl costs in mind like out-of-pocket expenses, emergency care, and network referral fees when comparing policies and their prices.

The primary difference between the Marketplace and private health insurance is tax credits and the various subsidies the government provides. Regardless, often you may find you do not qualify or late enrolling and decide to go a different route.

Know Your Options


You always have the option to cancel a policy of any sort and return to workplace insurance policies if they change providers or offer better benefits. But once again, the effort and time you put forth in doing research, you will also know what best suits you and your family for the future.

Understanding health insurance, The Affordable Care Act, Private Policy mandates, and job-related choices are essential before you begin to delve into the task of quotes and details.

You need to know what you and your family need and also what you can afford. Remember to compare all costs, through the Marketplace as well as every option for health insurance.

Whether you expect to purchase a policy through a particular company or not, keep your quotes and contact information in case of future need, and you find yourself needing health insurance in the future.

Research is vital. Options are out there waiting for you to explore. It will reduce your stress and ensure your medical coverage as well as health for you and your loved ones.

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Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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