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What is a gap health insurance plan?

In recent years health insurance costs have skyrocketed. The Affordable Care Act was designed to decrease the cost of health insurance for all Americans, but premiums have continued to increase in cost. Many people qualify for a subsidy, but if you don’t the burden of health insurance is a huge financial restraint for many. With […]

Is my eye care covered under health insurance?

Vision coverage is different than basic health insurance. A vision plan helps to cover annual eye exams, as well as the cost of lenses and frames for glasses. Some may even help pay for the cost of LASIK and similar surgical procedures. If you want vision insurance, you can either purchase an individual vision plan […]

Can my girlfriend be covered on my health insurance?

In this current time, people are looking to take advantage of their health insurance anyway that they can. Often, this means that those with health insurance will seek to have significant others covered on their health insurance plans. However, whether or not that is allowed is a separate issue. Compare free health insurance quotes online […]

What is a supplemental health insurance plan?

When shopping for health insurance, it is a good idea to look into various types of plans to see what they offer. You should look into the different insurance types such as HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, and POS insurance models, as well as high-deductible insurance plans that can be coupled with HSAs (health savings accounts). Also, […]

How does secondary insurance work?

What is secondary insurance? Secondary insurance is a supplemental insurance plan that can serve as a backup plan to your primary insurer. Your primary insurance plan will pick up the majority of your medical costs. However, if you are required to pick up some out of pocket costs, such as co-payments or coinsurance, your secondary […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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