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How long does it take to get health insurance coverage?

When shopping for health insurance, you probably have a ton of questions. For instance, you’ll want to know how much your premiums are, what’s covered, and what doctors are in your network? Another important question that people forget to ask, which is critically important is when will your coverage go into effect. When you enroll […]

How to Get Health Insurance if You’re Self-Employed

In the build-up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, statistics showed that many small business owners and sole proprietors had no health insurance. The Congress took steps to add protections and opportunities for small business owners and self-employed proprietors. The Affordable Care Act offers many advantages for insurance coverage for self-employed persons. Combined […]

What constitutes a qualifying event for health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act sets out a specific period during the year when every eligible person can buy health insurance. They can buy on the federal Marketplace or a state-operated insurance exchange. The rule is that after the close of the open enrollment, no one can buy health insurance unless they meet the conditions for […]

When does it become mandatory to have health insurance?

When did it become mandatory to have health insurance? Beginning in 2014, it became a requirement for almost all Americans to have minimum essential health insurance coverage or they could face a fine when they file their federal tax returns. Some people are exempt from having to pay this fee such as low-income individuals, Native […]

When can I get private health insurance?

The Health Insurance Association of America describes health insurance as a cover that provides payments of benefits received when one is hospitalized due to sickness or injury. The insurance coverage includes compensation or treatment of losses from medical expenses, accidents, physical disability, or accidental dismemberment (loss of limbs) and death. The National Strategy for Quality […]

What is an HSA in health insurance?

Health Savings Accounts provide an opportunity for subscribers to deposit funds into a savings account. They must then sign up for a high-deductible health plan. They can deposit up to an annual limit and use funds to pay for medical out-of-pocket expenses. Comparison shopping is an excellent tool for finding the best fit for health […]

What kind of health insurance should I buy?

The goal is to get the maximum amount of services and medical care one needs and pay the minimum required under the terms of the contract. This can best be done by managing the limits on deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Once past the limits, the insurance company pays all of the costs of a covered […]

When does federal health insurance begin?

If you’re wondering about how to get health insurance from the federal government, you might be wondering how do you qualify. And if you qualify when does coverage start? Read on to find out what federal health insurance you might be eligible for. When you’re done, enter your zip in our free search tool to explore […]

When can I buy health insurance?

The individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance for every eligible resident. The federal rules set a sign-up period from November through the following January for enrollment.Called the Called the open enrollment, this is the designated time in which every qualified person has a right to buy health insurance. The open enrollment […]

What should I look for when purchasing health insurance?

The open enrollment period is a critical time for purchasing a marketplace policy. It is the annual period in which every eligible person has a right to buy insurance. Comparison shopping is an excellent method for finding the features in a health plan that meet the consumer’s needs and preferences. One can group plans by […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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