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What does “PD” stand for in health insurance?

Prescription drugs and the rising costs of them are central themes in health care in the US. As a background fact, drug prices are significantly higher in the US than in other similar advanced societies. There are many examples of designer brand drugs that cost three to four times more in the US than in […]

What is a major medical health insurance policy?

Major medical insurance meets the standards and requirements of the Affordable Care Act; persons with major medical coverage do not have to pay the penalty for uninsured status. Major medical is a label applied to plans that came from outside of the Obamacare system, and they include employer plans, large group insurance, and public employee […]

Is oral surgery covered by medical insurance?

While it is true that doctors and dentists are not the same, an oral emergency is also a medical one in many regards. Since many people have health insurance and not dental insurance, a common question is whether or not oral surgery is covered by medical insurance. Find health plans that offer the coverage you […]

Is dental insurance part of health insurance?

Health insurance covers a range of services and treatments, but it doesn’t always include dental care. While some plans may also cover dental services, not all do. If you would like to have dental insurance, you should consider your options. You may be able to add on dental insurance to your current plan, and you […]

What is considered a pre-existing condition for health insurance?

If you’re shopping for a policy right now, it’s important to understand what’s considered to be a pre-existing condition for health insurance. Simply put, a pre-existing condition is defined by health insurance companies as health-related problems the individual has before applying for the policy coverage. Traditionally, health insurance companies deny coverage, impose waiting periods or […]

Why is my health insurance going up so much?

A common observation among individual and group plan members is that prices are going up. Memory provides evidence that the current increases are smaller than before the Affordable Care Act, but this is of little comfort to those who feel trapped by today’s prices. There does not seem to be a single answer, but insurers […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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