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What happens if I don’t want health insurance?

If you choose not to purchase health insurance, you will most likely be responsible for paying the individual mandate penalty fine. This is a monthly fee, so you will only pay 1/12 of the annual fee for each individual month that you went without insurance. You have to pay it when you file your federal […]

What is a short-term medical plan?

A short-term medical plan may also be referred to as short-term health insurance, term health insurance or temporary health insurance. These types of policies are offered by health insurers to provide services for people experiencing a gap in coverage. Short-term plans help when you’re temporarily unemployed, on the waiting list to be eligible for Medicare […]

What is the minimum value standard for health insurance?

As stated under the Affordable Care Act, a health insurance plan must meet affordability and minimum value standards in order to qualify as adequate coverage. To meet this minimum value standard, your job-based health insurance plan must pay at least 60 percent of your total medical costs. Additionally, it must provide substantial coverage for any […]

Is not having health insurance against the law?

By the letter of the law, not having insurance will not subject you to criminal prosecution. However, the Affordable Care Act did bring into effect the individual shared responsibility provision requiring qualifying taxpayers to pay a tax penalty. By 2014, the penalty averaged $210, and in 2015 the penalty was up to an average exceeding […]

When should I get long term health insurance?

It is suggested that a person in their mid-50s are prime to be in search for long-term health insurance. Your health is considered the top priority and priceless. In long-term health insurance, you are banking on the well-kept health because the older you get, the more health becomes a commodity. Enter your zip above to […]

When is an employer required to offer health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect in 2014 after surviving a challenge in the Supreme Court of the United States. The most widely known aspect of the law is its requirement that all U.S. Citizens living in the United States, as well as many noncitizen residents, carry health insurance, certify an exemption, or […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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