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What is a guaranteed issue health insurance plan?

Guaranteed-issue health insurance accepts all applicants. In its pure form, guaranteed issue treats a group of applicants as a group. Upon accepting every applicant, guaranteed issue needs an equal playing field. The insurers must use community rating and offer identical terms, prices, and coverage to each member to promote the ideal of maximum inclusion. Guaranteed […]

What is a grandfathered medical plan?

A Grandfathered health plan is one that existed before the Affordable Care Act, and that the rules excused from meeting all of the requirements of the law. Grandfathered plans may continue to serve the membership existing as of the time Obamacare went into effect. The Individual Mandate The Affordable Care Act required every eligible resident […]

What is a single payer health insurance plan?

Single payer is a fund that pays healthcare costs for a group. In national healthcare settings, single payer funds pay medical costs for every eligible resident of a state or nation. The single payer fund can work with many types of medical care arrangements. Single-payer national health insurance is an option for the US healthcare […]

What is a medical insurance rider?

A medical insurance rider is an amendment to a standard contract for health insurance. The rider can either add or exclude coverage for some particular condition, body system or body part. The practice of riders was regulated by state insurance authorities. States approved a wide range of additions and exclusions as insurers picked and selected […]

What is a third party administrator in health insurance?

The health insurance field can be difficult to navigate, and this is particularly true for many companies around the country. It is important to offer health benefits to employees in order to attract the best talent, but it can also be extremely cumbersome to manage all of policies and regulations that go with it. These […]

How to Fill Out a Medical Claim Form

Do you need to fill out a medical claim form? Filing a health insurance claim is an important process that you need to do correctly. Failure to complete an application form properly can delay your claim or even have it denied altogether. In this post, we will show you the essential steps to filing a […]

What is the minimum value standard for health insurance?

As stated under the Affordable Care Act, a health insurance plan must meet affordability and minimum value standards in order to qualify as adequate coverage. To meet this minimum value standard, your job-based health insurance plan must pay at least 60 percent of your total medical costs. Additionally, it must provide substantial coverage for any […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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