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What if your employer health insurance is too expensive?

Employees are given the freedom to opt out of health insurance provided through their jobs. The only exceptions to the 100 percent rule are if you have already agreed to be a part of the policy or the union you are a member of which makes it mandatory. The reasons you may want to research […]

Health Insurance for the Rich

The reforms that Obamacare made to the health insurance industry benefit every resident of the US. The law guarantees acceptance and requires that every eligible individual get and keep qualified health insurance coverage. The reforms include rules against price discrimination, gender bias, and using prior conditions to disqualify applicants or charge higher prices. Obamacare provides […]

Why Health Insurance Is a Waste of Money

Have you ever grumbled as you paid your health insurance premium and said “Health insurance is a waste of money?” Everyone has probably entertained this thought at one point in time or another. That’s because we are conditioned to think about getting something tangible in exchange for money we spend. We go to the store, […]

Health Insurance Cancelled Due to Non-Payment

If you have had your health insurance canceled due to non-payment, you are in a situation that makes you vulnerable to financial problems if you have a health issue. As long as you are without insurance, it makes you open to expensive out-of-pocket expenses that can drain your bank account in a few days. There […]

What does “copay” mean in health insurance?

Having health insurance is certainly advantageous to both your physical and financial well being, but it does come at a cost. Your obligation is likely not over once you have paid the premium, Here is what you need to know about copays in a nutshell. Click here to find great policies from top health insurance […]

How are you supposed to afford health insurance?

The majority of people in America have to carefully watch what they spend in relation to their monthly income. Health care costs can sometimes account for a significant portion of one’s overall budget, but having health care insurance can help you avoid extremely high bills when a medical situation occurs. If you’re concerned about how […]

What does “no deductible” mean in health support?

Deductibles play many roles; the primary purpose is to adjust cost sharing in favor of the insurer and its profit margins. Deductibles are a financial barrier between the consumer and the benefits they bargained for in the insurance contract. The consumer must pay a monthly premium or other frequency such as semi-annual. The consumer gets […]

Why is my health insurance so high?

Given the very name granted to the Affordable Care Act, many people across the country assumed that their average health insurance premiums would effective decrease in short order. While that has happened for many, there are quite a few individuals who have grown increasingly confused and frustrated by rising health insurance related costs. If you […]

Why is my health insurance going up so much?

A common observation among individual and group plan members is that prices are going up. Memory provides evidence that the current increases are smaller than before the Affordable Care Act, but this is of little comfort to those who feel trapped by today’s prices. There does not seem to be a single answer, but insurers […]

What is a self-funded health insurance plan?

A group health plan can be either self-funded or fully funded. A self-funded plan requires the employer to assume all the financial risks in regards to providing health insurance to its employees. The biggest difference between a self-funded and fully-funded health insurance policy is the way claims are paid. In a self-funded health insurance plan, employers […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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