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How often do you have to pay health insurance?

The individual mandate requires that every eligible person gets and keeps qualified health insurance coverage. The insurance contract is an agreement with a stated premium payment. Health insurance contracts revolve around payments. The initial payment of premiums is the contractual trigger for beginning coverage. The first payment has legal significance in terms of the insurance […]

What is an “out-of-pocket maximum” in health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act was an attempt to reform the health insurance industry to lower national health costs and favor the rights of consumers. The primary protections included limits on deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. One of the fundamental goals of Obamacare was to protect consumers against burdensome health care costs. The rising costs of medical […]

What is “stop-loss” in health insurance?

Stop-loss coverage is a much needed financial protection for any company that decides to self-insure employees for medical benefits. It is different from a health insurance policy in that the insurer does not pay for any medical services, but simply reimburses the company for any amounts over the liability amount. Enter your zip code above […]

What is a Cadillac medical plan?

Some health plans provide unusually thorough and complete coverage. They often have no deductibles, charge few if any copays, and ask little or no coinsurance. The benefits are extensive and coverage for nearly every condition or illness. These so-called high-end, or Cadillac plans, reward policyholders with benefits equivalent to $thousands in additional income. As untaxed […]

What if your employer health insurance is too expensive?

Employees are given the freedom to opt out of health insurance provided through their jobs. The only exceptions to the 100 percent rule are if you have already agreed to be a part of the policy or the union you are a member of which makes it mandatory. The reasons you may want to research […]

How to Go to the Doctor Without Health Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, there are some medical providers that will allow you to pay cash. These places are often called concierge clinics. The cost of medical services at these clinics will vary. Some might require you to pay the entire cost upfront while others might let you set up a payment […]

Health Insurance for the Rich

The reforms that Obamacare made to the health insurance industry benefit every resident of the US. The law guarantees acceptance and requires that every eligible individual get and keep qualified health insurance coverage. The reforms include rules against price discrimination, gender bias, and using prior conditions to disqualify applicants or charge higher prices. Obamacare provides […]

Is oral surgery covered by medical insurance?

While it is true that doctors and dentists are not the same, an oral emergency is also a medical one in many regards. Since many people have health insurance and not dental insurance, a common question is whether or not oral surgery is covered by medical insurance. Find health plans that offer the coverage you […]

What does “no deductible” mean in health support?

Deductibles play many roles; the primary purpose is to adjust cost sharing in favor of the insurer and its profit margins. Deductibles are a financial barrier between the consumer and the benefits they bargained for in the insurance contract. The consumer must pay a monthly premium or other frequency such as semi-annual. The consumer gets […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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