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Questions to Ask Your Health Insurance When Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a wonderful but scary thing. It can be less scary if you know that you have good health insurance coverage for yourself and your baby. To ensure that you do have good coverage, you should contact your insurance them several questions well before your due date. This will help you prepare for […]

Can my stepchildren be covered under health insurance?

These days, it is very common for married people to have stepchildren from their spouse’s previous relationship. There are many married people who are seeking to cover their stepchildren on their health insurance policies. This may be a little tricky, depending on the policy and on the insurer that administers it. Many policies are written […]

Health Insurance Under Parents Name

In order to get insurance through your parents, they have to have a plan that covers dependents. Most plans offer this, as they have to be open to people with children and spouses that also need coverage. However, you cannot get covered if your parents are on Medicare. If you’re considering joining your parents’ plan, […]

Can my girlfriend be covered on my health insurance?

In this current time, people are looking to take advantage of their health insurance anyway that they can. Often, this means that those with health insurance will seek to have significant others covered on their health insurance plans. However, whether or not that is allowed is a separate issue. Compare free health insurance quotes online […]

How do you have a baby without health insurance?

If you’ve discovered that you’re pregnant and you don’t have health insurance, you may be a bit worried. This emotion is completely understandable. However, you don’t have to be worried. You do have options. The passage of the Affordable Care Act has created more options for women who find themselves in these situations. It is […]

How long can a dependent child stay on health insurance?

Under the new regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act, a child is able to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until they reach the age of 26 if the parent’s plan covers children. Children are able to remain on the plan even if they are married or support themselves financially. They can […]

Is your spouse considered a dependent on health insurance?

When you fill out an application for health insurance, you have to list the primary insured’s name and all dependents. But, who’s a dependent? That question has led many to fill out applications incorrectly or leave someone off the application that is eligible for coverage. Most errors in an application have to do with your […]

What if I already have health insurance?

What if I already have employer-based health insurance? If you already have employer-based health insurance, you do not need to enroll in a plan through the healthcare marketplace and you will not be responsible for paying the individual mandate penalty fine. In 2016, this fee was $695 per adult and $347.50 per child with a […]

What is family health care?

Whether you are a household of one person or a family of five, it is imperative that you find an insurance cover that is appropriate for you and your dependents. The process of selecting the right health insurance for your family is not an easy one, but you have to do things the right way […]

Can I get health insurance when pregnant?

During the open enrollment period, every eligible person has a right to buy health insurance. Pregnancy is not a valid reason to deny coverage or to charge more than any other applicant. Pregnancy benefits in Obamacare are essential health benefits. They include many services at no extra cost to the policyholder including physical examinations, tests, […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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