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Will medical insurance pay for a tummy tuck?

Most medical insurance companies will not help to pay for a tummy tuck because it is cosmetic surgery and not considered medically necessary. Most plastic surgeons will allow you to pay for a tummy tuck out-of-pocket. The cost of this procedure can vary greatly. A tummy tuck procedure costs an average of $5,798. Some surgeons […]

Is my therapy covered by health insurance?

Whether or not therapy is covered by health insurance is a fairly complex issue. Some types of therapy may be covered, while others may not. Also, therapy that is covered may not be completely covered. In the past, therapy of any type was generally not covered by health insurance. However, as therapy has become more […]

What health insurance policies cover Viagra?

Obamacare health insurance policies must cover 10 essential health benefits, one of which is prescription drugs. The plans do not have to cover every drug and insurers select drugs that have medical necessity over those that do not. Viagra has several applications such as for a type of pulmonary hypertension. It may not be a […]

Does Obamacare cover sterilization?

What is sterilization? Sterilization is a permanent procedure performed on the reproductive organs in an effort to prevent future pregnancies. There are male and female sterilization procedures. The Affordable Care Act only requires insurance companies to cover female sterilization procedures but not vasectomies for men. Female sterilization can be surgical or nonsurgical. Surgical sterilization for […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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