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What does “HMO” in health insurance mean?

The Health Maintenance Organization is the most popular type of managed care in the US marketplace. In the Obamacare Marketplace, each of the four types of health insurance offer HMO forms. The Health Maintenance Organization took its name from the value it placed on wellness and prevention services. Today, data shows that HMOs tend to […]

How to Find Out if Your Health Insurance Is Active

If you are not sure if your Marketplace insurance is active, you should log in to your account on the website. Once you are logged in, you should click on the link that asks you start a new application or to update an existing one. After that, if you click on your name and […]

Health Insurance for the Rich

The reforms that Obamacare made to the health insurance industry benefit every resident of the US. The law guarantees acceptance and requires that every eligible individual get and keep qualified health insurance coverage. The reforms include rules against price discrimination, gender bias, and using prior conditions to disqualify applicants or charge higher prices. Obamacare provides […]

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period for Major Services

Let us now look a bit closer at major services and how they relate to the terms and conditions of mostmajor dental insurance policies. This will help form a guide as you compare various insurance providers in the search of the one that best suits your needs. Find health insurance plans with dental benefits by […]

Health Insurance for One Week

Short term health insurance is typically temporary coverage that can assist you with your medical needs while you figure out or wait for a permanent health insurance solution. It is similar to catastrophic insurance in that it is an inexpensive monthly option but really only covers you in the case of a severe medical emergency. […]

How do I know what health insurance I have?

When discussing the topic of health insurance, sometimes it can prove difficult to know exactly what kind of health insurance you have. There is public health insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid, and private health insurance, such as Blue Cross or Aetna. Sometimes, you can even have health insurance from a variety of sources depending […]

How long should I keep my health insurance records?

Keeping your health insurance records intact can be essential to resolving all sorts of problems that might come up over the years. These records also contain a great deal of personal information on them and making sure that no one who should not have them does not obtain them is critical to your personal security. […]

What is considered a pre-existing condition for health insurance?

If you’re shopping for a policy right now, it’s important to understand what’s considered to be a pre-existing condition for health insurance. Simply put, a pre-existing condition is defined by health insurance companies as health-related problems the individual has before applying for the policy coverage. Traditionally, health insurance companies deny coverage, impose waiting periods or […]

What are individual health insurance plans?

Individual health plans describe policies purchased by single persons or families. This category is different from employer-sponsored plans in which the employer chooses and pays part of the costs. There are no eligibility requirements for individual plans such as employment with a particular employer or membership in a labor organization. Obamacare made major policy reforms […]

What health insurance does the President have?

What does the White House Medical unit entail? The White House Medical unit consists of a team of military doctors, in addition to nurses, physician assistants, as well as other medical professionals and administrators. They work directly out of the white house, where they have exam rooms, medical equipment, and medications on hand to treat […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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