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Medical Insurance for Visa Holders

If you are coming to the United States on a visa, it is important to enroll in a health insurance plan because medical costs can be extremely expensive in America. Most visa holders, including those with an H visa, T visa, or U visa, and other legal immigrants are able to purchase a health insurance […]

What is HIPPA?

HIPAA is often considered to be a landmark piece of healthcare legislation. It is split into two parts, called Title I and Title II. HIPAA was passed in 1996 and signed into law by Bill Clinton. Title I covers health insurance coverage for people when they lose or simply change jobs. Title II covers what […]

What is a medical insurance rider?

A medical insurance rider is an amendment to a standard contract for health insurance. The rider can either add or exclude coverage for some particular condition, body system or body part. The practice of riders was regulated by state insurance authorities. States approved a wide range of additions and exclusions as insurers picked and selected […]

What is a third party administrator in health insurance?

The health insurance field can be difficult to navigate, and this is particularly true for many companies around the country. It is important to offer health benefits to employees in order to attract the best talent, but it can also be extremely cumbersome to manage all of policies and regulations that go with it. These […]

How long can a dependent child stay on health insurance?

Under the new regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act, a child is able to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until they reach the age of 26 if the parent’s plan covers children. Children are able to remain on the plan even if they are married or support themselves financially. They can […]

What health insurance does the President have?

What does the White House Medical unit entail? The White House Medical unit consists of a team of military doctors, in addition to nurses, physician assistants, as well as other medical professionals and administrators. They work directly out of the white house, where they have exam rooms, medical equipment, and medications on hand to treat […]

What is health care reform?

The Affordable Care Act reformed the healthcare industry by requiring that everyone get and keep health insurance coverage. In the process, it redefined health insurance coverage and banned denials of insurance, particularly for pre-existing conditions. Under the ACA insurers may not discriminate in the selection of applicants. They can only take into account the individuals […]

When does it become mandatory to have health insurance?

When did it become mandatory to have health insurance? Beginning in 2014, it became a requirement for almost all Americans to have minimum essential health insurance coverage or they could face a fine when they file their federal tax returns. Some people are exempt from having to pay this fee such as low-income individuals, Native […]

When is an employer required to offer health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect in 2014 after surviving a challenge in the Supreme Court of the United States. The most widely known aspect of the law is its requirement that all U.S. Citizens living in the United States, as well as many noncitizen residents, carry health insurance, certify an exemption, or […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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