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Can I get health insurance when pregnant?

Maternity checkup
A brief overview...
  • The ACA bars insurance denials because of pre-existing conditions
  • Insurers may not legally deny insurance due to pregnancy
  • Obamacare offers important maternity benefits
  • Open enrollment period is the best time to buy insurance
  • Childbirth supports a special enrollment period

During the open enrollment period, every eligible person has a right to buy health insurance. Pregnancy is not a valid reason to deny coverage or to charge more than any other applicant.

Pregnancy benefits in Obamacare are essential health benefits. They include many services at no extra cost to the policyholder including physical examinations, tests, screenings, lab work, and maternity care.

Comparison shopping is a great way to find a policy to cover pregnancy and childbirth. Comparison shopping focuses on the features that customers decide are most important.

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Sign-up During Open Enrollment


The easiest time to sign up for health insurance when pregnant is during the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period for the calendar year 2017 runs from November 1, 2016, to January 31, 2017.

Under federal rules, pregnancy is not a life event that causes a new sign-up period. Childbirth is a life event, and it supports a 60-day special sign-up period. Insured women have two options; they can add a child to an existing policy or search the marketplace for a new policy.

Pregnancy Not a Qualifying Event


The federal government has considered rules that make pregnancy a qualifying event for a special enrollment period. This would enable pregnant women to sign up for health insurance outside of the open enrollment period.

Proponents urge that a special 60-day window that could begin with discovering pregnancy would help some women and families prepare for childbirth. The exception is the State of New York. The State of New York passed a law in 2016 that made pregnancy a qualifying event.

Insured and Uninsured get a SEP for Childbirth

Newborn baby

Insured women may wish to change policies while uninsured seek coverage. Both can use the childbirth special enrollment period.

This 60-day period is an excellent time to use comparison shopping to find the best fit for their needs and preferences. Childbirth is a change in a status known as a “life event”.

It is important to note that the coverage for childbirth begins as of the date of the child’s birth. Some people find it advantageous to use a special enrollment even during the open enrollment. The special enrollment can avoid several weeks of non-coverage.

Life Events Provide Special Enrollments

The below-itemized list describes some common life events that support special enrollment periods.

  • Birth of a child.
  • Adoption of a child.
  • Moving to a new location.
  • Loss of coverage on a parent’s policy at age 26.
  • Loss of coverage from employer-sponsored insurance.
  • Loss of coverage from employer-sponsored insurance as a dependent.

Health Insurance when Pregnant

A maternity checkup

Getting health insurance when pregnant will open a wide range of reproductive health services. They include screenings for gestational diabetes, tests, vaccines, medical examinations, and maternity care.

Many services come with no extra costs to the policyholder, and they include wellness services, prenatal care, and screenings for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Preventive Services to Help Pregnancies

Maternity checkup

Many women put off medical care due to the expenses. The costs of medical visits can discourage or prevent women from getting routine health care and follow-ups. Preventive services help women in these areas; many prevention services are free of costs to policyholders.

Well-woman visits are one of the free benefits that can aid in early detection and diagnosis of illnesses. It includes the important concerns of overall health related to an upcoming or planned pregnancy.

Preconception health is an indicator of healthy pregnancies and healthier babies. Similarly, prenatal health services help the pregnancy go smoothly and avoids detectable conditions like HPV testing and gestational diabetes.

Breastfeeding Support

A breastfeeding mother and breast pumps

The ACA provides for breastfeeding equipment counseling and support as benefits in all plans. While some plans offer these at no costs, there are variations as to costs and equipment. Customers should compare features of various plans before selecting.

Comparison shopping works particularly well when focused on a single feature and determining which plans offer the greater value.

Mammograms and Cancer Screenings

One of the major advances in Obamacare is free mammograms. This is an essential diagnostic tool for early detection of breast cancer.

Survival rates correspond significantly with early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Insurers can no longer deny coverage to breast cancer survivors.

Family Violence Screening and Counseling

Important to women, protection against domestic violence is a critical concern to pregnant women and women of childbearing age.

Marriages, domestic partnership and all forms of relationships can involve domestic violence. This screening and counseling resource can follow on examinations or other fact-based observations.

More importantly, it follows an effort to discover and screen for incidences, patterns, and early warning signs. Obamacare includes family violence screening and counseling as an essential health benefit at no extra cost to the policyholder.

Maternity Care in All Policies

Pregnancy sonogram

Women need maternity care, and men need it indirectly through spouses, domestic partners, and other women in their lives. The ACA requires maternity care in all policies. Insurers cannot charge more for the status of women of child-bearing age.

Some employer-sponsored plans permit an opt-out that cancels maternity benefits for a small costs savings per policy. The burden on pregnant women and their families can be severe in such cases. These situations can pose drastic financial options such as policyholders dropping pregnant dependents to release them to Medicaid.

Medicaid and CHIP

Maternity care for children is part of the CHIP, and Medicaid covers pregnant women before and after childbirth. Medicaid and CHIP have income tests for admission.

Low incomes get coverage that they cannot afford with marketplace policies. Medicaid expansion raised the limits of qualifying income for Medicaid.

The goal is to include more Americans with incomes between the Obamacare minimum the Medicaid maximum.

The Zika Virus and Obamacare


The Zika virus is a disease that affects pregnancy in potentially severe ways. Medical care can test for the virus. Medical information suggests ways to minimize the risk of contacts such as mosquitoes and unprotected sex.

Anyone with symptoms should get an examination; doctors use simple blood and urine tests to confirm the infection.

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